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CST 336

CST 336 - Internet Programming

Provides students with dynamic web application development skills, focusing on the integration of server-side programming, database connectivity, and client-side scripting. Coverage includes the Internet architecture, responsive design, RESTful web services, and Web APIs.

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): (Prereq: CST 238 with a C- or better)

Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

Units: 4

My Experience in CST-336 - Internet Programming:

The class was both informative and invaluable

I was able to get some very useful and educational experimenting with Node, Express, BCrypt, Express Sessions, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript and creating complete database driven websites with Node with Express.

Here are links to my journals:


I put lots of example knowledge in my journals as I came across it. Screenshots aren't necessary for this course because our assignments are all live, published on the web you can see them directly:

The final week was for finishing up our final group project, a swap meet organization site, and our final test: Big Swap Mystery Asteroid Belt drawn by Arlon in probably 1 minute That site has a lot of features, it connects to a MapQuest mapping API for maps, address geolocating, open weather API for weather results, and has lots of database queries in Express and tons of work behind it to make it all work and look great. PW: secret

From previous weeks:

Week 7's image search gallery example homework: Unsplash Image Search Gallery Asteroid Belt drawn by Arlon in probably 1 minute

Arlon's Unspash Image Gallery Search example page in an iframe:

Here's the Authentication & Sessions example pw: secret678. Ceres drawn by Arlon in probably 1 minute

Arlon's Sessions & Authentication example page in an iframe:

Quotes UFO drawn by Arlon in probably 1 minute

Arlon's Quote Database Site in an iframe:

Solar System Information page Saturn drawn by Arlon in probably 1 minute

Arlon's Solar System page in an iframe:

The link to my homework 4 /HW1 redone with Node and Express in repl.it is: https://hw4.arlonarriola.repl.co Happy CPU!

Everything's the same except now it's all extrapolated into express plus now every page says 'Hi, <Random Name>!' at the top (server side faker usage.)

My report on Long Polling in an iframe Arlon's Earthquake finder in an iframe:

And here's my signup form: Arlon's CST-336 Signup Form And my signup-form in an iframe:

The second week for homework we got to make a slot machine!:

That week learned JavaScript prompt(), for some reason I hadn't used that before, and I learned web storage for saving variables through time on the same web page last week and applied it to $ holdings on that week's slot machine simulator.

And my slot machine in an iframe:

The other assignment we did that week which was also pretty cool was creating a US Geography (and Arnold Schwarzenegger) quiz And my geography quiz in an iframe:

List of paradigms I practiced during the class:
  • Lots of practice with JavaScript
  • Node
  • Express
  • BCrypt
  • Express Sessions
  • CSS
  • JQuery
  • creating complete database driven websites with Node with Express
  • Team cooperation designing and building a complete database driven website with Node with Express from scratch, including coming up with the concept, all the way to publication.
  • more

Thank You CSUMB for the spectacular JavaScript, CSS, Node, Express overview class! The material is extremely broadly applicable and useful, as well as extremely well presented. This class ended Wednesday, December 16th, 2021.

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